New Head Gasket. Now no-go.

GT's 413

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Hi Guys,
New to the forum, but have been reading it for years. Got plenty of info over the years. Been a great help. Anyway, couple of problems with the 2000 model 413.

1. Couple of years ago I had a flat battery and was jump starting with another not great battery. After a few attempts it stopped cranking. New battery and still no cranking. Had power everywhere except the trigger to starter relay, so hold the relay contacts together and away we go! That's been the start procedure for the last couple of years. What happened ?

2. Now, the next more pressing problem. Replaced the head gasket and can't get it started. Will run with fuel sprayed in intake, so mechanically all OK. Have fuel
getting to injectors. Pulled one injector out and no fuel spray. So some history, when disassembling it had three stuck injectors so I used the puller that requires
injector disassembly. Some manuals have said the injector can't be used again if pulled apart. Could this be the problem?

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