Wind power


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Regenerative braking can't be beat. Not only does it charge a battery that can be part of the drivetrain or your house battery but it also reduces brake wear significantly. I don't now what the issues would be for a heavier vehicle but I would assume power generation only gets larger. But again, whether more or less efficiently -- it's all just diesel energy if installed in a Sprinter (or gas, I guess, for the newest models).
It's hard to beat solar if you don't want to burn stuff.


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How about a small steam turbine using waste heat from the exhaust? Should be able to use up a few trees with that as a paper exercise.
The trick is to pick up the heat right after the CAT ... they run very hot (in excess of 500F).
Unless you're planning a closed-cycle, the size of the fresh water tank required may prove problematical.


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