Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Conversion - Pic heavy!


Ed Clarke 2021 170 4x4
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I used a 90 Deg air tool and a rotofile bit open up a hole to clear the new wiring, this will allow the cap to snap back in place and protect the terminal from accidental shorts.

Shortening the trigger wire harness, only the small section on the bottom will be used.

Printing some heat shrink labeling for the trigger wire to Switch Pro connection. This tape cartridge is getting old and is a bit light but it's still legible so I went with it.

Tying the trigger wiring into the Switch Pro, This assembly lives under the passenger seat and controls my lighting and air compressor.

Trigger wiring connection under the hood.

This is the routing that the trigger wire takes to get from the passenger side seat base Switch Pro unit to under the hood. The wiring crosses over from the passenger side to the drivers side under the flooring (There is a built in wire chase for this purpose), then exits the drivers base and runs under the plastic on the drivers foot well and out of a rubber grommet where the roof AC lines used to run.

Wiring under the hood.

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Thanks for the exceptional and detailed post of your ARB Compressor installation. I'm doing the same installation now and wondering if your wiring harness hack has withstood the test of time. I am also having to incorporate a 12V line into the harness you abreviated since the 24V ARB needs 12V for relays, fans and lights.

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