SOS light on

Anyone have the dashboard SOS light turned on all the time? I don't have the SOS system, as far as I know, so I'd sure like to get rid of the light. Asked the service dept. and their answer was that all of the Sprinters do that. They are waiting for some sort of software upgrade to get rid of the light. Anyone else have this?


Mine was on all the time until I realized I couldn’t disconnect both sets of wire plugs to the in-dash center speaker. Did you by chance disconnect both the black and white plugs from it? If you did, reconnect the white one and it should go away

since I did that to mine the sos light went away


Sounds like there is a return trip to the dealership in your near future then - shouldn’t be like that - they must have F’ed something up

I don’t think the SOS system is an option, pretty sure it’s standard across all vans

What happens if you hit the SOS call button in the overhead console... does a friendly voice from MB answer ?


'20 144" HR 4x4
I learned on mine it has to do with the cellular connection availability, Contact MBux support and they will take care of it.
What is MBux support?

I pushed the button and got someone asking if I needed roadside assistance, so I guess I won't cut the wire to the center speaker.


Your center speaker should have 2 connectors, one near the windshield and one closer to the radio. The one near the windshield is the radio connection, you can disconnect it. The one closest to the radio is the SOS system connection. Don't remove that one.

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