2020 production status


i ordered in very late december and specifically asked for a german build. i got the van in, just as i spec'd it in late April. But i had bought cars from this merc dealer in the past and this might have helped.

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My 2020 long wheel base arrived about 7 days ago at Coach House RV in Florida. They will build it to be a Class B RV. Completion date July. I ordered in Nov 2019. Not sure if Coach House placed the van order with MB prior to my down payment. VIN number lookup says built in Carolina, USA.
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German build ordered November 30th. Scheduled delivery at the end of April and delayed until June. I was told the delay was mostly due to the van being in a long queue at a port in the UK waiting to cross to Halifax.


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In Europe due to the new emissions engines and real world testing you cannot get your hands on a 4x4 until March 2021 at the earliest. The option to order is removed from the MB site but the factory is up and running now for a few weeks and orders prior to end of April are being fulfilled.

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