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I have noticed that some threads will trigger a "Not secure" warning next to the link address. I use Google Chrome. Sikwan pointed out that it can be triggered by photos posted to the thread which only have the http prefix.

I figured it might be good for members to know about why they may see a warning. The Sprinter-forum site is secured by the typical protocols.

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About a year ago, Chrome went to announcing "not secure" for any web address that did not have an encrypted address
(the "s" in https .... it stands for "secure" ... your browser and the distant host have exchanged a "handshake" to establish that a "known good" 3rd party (the security certificate issuer) has guaranteed that they know the host)

So it's not saying "i think this site is suspect", it's saying "this site hasn't paid for a security certificate and processing capability from their web host".

The message is for people who aren't "woke" enough to look for the padlock icon at the location bar.

--dick ("not secure", not "insecure")

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