AC not working / Blowing HOT Air - SOLVED!


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Been having problems with the AC in my van for a while now. It works intermittently, mostly in cooler temperatures. Anything over 80+F outside and it just blows hot air.

After doing some of my own troubleshooting and taking it to a couple Sprinter Shops / AC shops here in Phoenix, no one had any solutions.

On a whim I replaced the Climate Control panel with a re-built one purchased on Ebay from Module Repair. $199 + $100 refundable core deposit.

Shipped in 3 days, about 30 minutes to install, and my AC works Perfectly now!! Just tested it after the van had been sitting in 100+F heat all day.

Worth a shot if you have similar issues.

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Glad you had good results. For the electronic repair savvy, a common failure is the solder at the clutch control relay cracks. This is located roughly behind the temperature knob on the PCB.
The relay contacts have also been reported to go bad. It has been discussed in other threads that an 86 relay or similar can be added externally and wired in. That said, the exchange ATC unit is not a bad deal.



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Upon taking the old control module out, there was some rattling like a piece on the circuit board came loose. Not surprised it would be a common issue as this guy is taking old modules and repairing them.

For me, the $199 was well worth the effort of trying to figure this out and repair it myself!


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Looks like there are few companies repairing the climate control modules. Based on this video (from ECU Team) it's more comprehensive that solder joint failures. Sometimes finding that rare $5 part makes paying for the repair worth it.

ECU Team - no pricing on website - $189
Module Repair Pro - $129

Anybody had experience with any of the companies, or others?
Just module repair pro. They are local so I use them often. Gino is a really good guy, hes always stood behind all his work.

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