Review of post-2006 Mercedes James Cook

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A review by Theo Engbrink of the post-2006 Mercedes James Cook - translated to English from it's original German.

Looks like Westfalia has a very different design for this newer version and I guess I agree with Theo that at least some of the changes are not for the better.

Westfalia had a very unique and extremely well thought out camper in the pre-2007 James Cook - sad to see so many changes that appear negative rather than positive.

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Mercedes promotional website for the new post-2006 Mercedes James Cook.

If I get a chance I will also attach .zip archive versions of the film, screen saver, and various images from the above site.


Llamasine driver
And German-language, German-market price list for the post-2006.

Note that many items (cruise control, AC, etc.) are optional that would be standard in other markets.


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Article on post-2006 Mercedes James Cook

link - (German Language)

translation (part 1)-

With the third generation of the James Cook Mercedes Benz updates history one the most successful travel mobile. So far as Solitaerprodukt successfully, he start now for the first time with a complete model program. Two karosserievarianten ("Classic" and "Compact") with a different roof concept form the basis. In addition two Design and equipment lines (TREND and AMBIENTE) come as well as numerous individualizing possibilities. The individual James Cook - now it becomes reality and addresses thereby a broad public, which looks for comfort and technology of first quality in an elevated Ambiente. James Cook: travelmobilely after measure Two roof variants, two Design and equipment lines, numerous individualizing possibilities in the interior as well as broad equipment and accessories program - the new Sprinter James Cook is travelmobile after measure. It is based on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter with a wheel base of 3,665 mm and 5.91 m length. The platform for the high flexibility of the new Sprinter James Cook WESTFALIA forms a modular system. Two different kitchens consist of a completely again conceived seat sleep bank, a wet cell and, which can be combined with an additional reservoir. The basis sketch unites the advantages of the earlier generations of the James Cook: The spatial arrangement of the group of seats from seat and turned front seats corresponds to the model running out now in the principle. In driving direction the wet cell is left and the kitchen right in the tail platziert, this reminded of the first edition. Thus again interpret the new Sprinter James Cook the proven four-space concept of the predecessor and is characterized by a clear separation from driving cab, dwelling, kitchen and sanitary area. However development is with the new model completely different. Thus now place remains for an advanced wardrobe and among them for an external reservoir, suitably approximately for camping furniture following the wet cell. The kitchen is used alternatively in l-form or as straight lines kitchen block, the second variant leaves place for an additional tail entrance and a generous and from the outside accessible reservoir in the tail. In addition the prospective customers between two roof variants can select: The super high roof of the base vehicle, the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter, offers already a large standing height as well as in front over the driving cab a large open reservoir in the model variant "Compact". The alternatively used high roof of development partner Westfalia Van Conversion in the variant "Classic" has plentifully area for a generously measured roof bed. In addition it contains when desired an integrated markise - only one of numerous novelties of the Sprinter James Cook WESTFALIA. The side windows are additionally provided to the outside windowpane inside with plastic disks. This high-quality glass plastic group makes on the one hand a homogeneous external optics possible in the window line, on the other hand an isolating effect. The moreover one James Cook, in particular with the super high roof variant, is optically not immediately than recognizing travelmobilely by the use of sounded disks the new Sprinter. Living range: comfortably, elegantly and roomy A further innovative highlight of the new Sprinter James Cook forms the new seat sleep bank with two outlined places including head restraints and for integrated three point static belts. The seat avoids the usual compromise between seat and couch comfort: For conversion into a bed now the entire seat is turned down simply completely forward. With only one handle such a comfortable double bed with innovative Unterfederungssystem develops - likewise a premiere. A further highlight in punkto optics and function are the interior arrangement and the elegantly formed fronts of kitchen and wet cell. They obtain a modern and roomy space impression together with the styleful furniture decoration, for example in bright oak and elegant aluminum applications. The kitchen has a high performance kompressor-Kuehlschrank (volume of 62 litres) with integrated three-stars tiefkuehlfach (13 litres), a rinse and a two-flame gas digester with Piezo ignition. The gas bottle for power supply is well accessible in the kitchen under cabinet installed. Above the kitchen line open files or pilot cabinets are depending upon execution. The wet cell is completely furnished with wash basin, shower inclusive warm water plant and toilet in proven way. Are convincing beside just as elegant as functional mechanism the space saving entrance sliding door as well as and the exhaust over a window and a roof ventilator. On-board technology: intelligent solutions and matured travel mobile technology Typically for the Sprinter James Cook WESTFALIA is always an intelligent on-board technology. The developers again increased their level with the new model with numerous cleveren detailed solutions. Thus for the first time a fuel-claimant hot water heating with convectors is used, when desired supplemental by an under-floor heating, which in the first half-year 2007 will be available. Both the heating system and the warm water preparation in wet cell and kitchen supply themselves by the fuel main tank (Diesel). Thus the gas volume can be reduced clearly, so that more reservoir is available. The moreover one this increases independence, since fuel is available almost at any time and everywhere. Depending upon desire different temperatures can be adjusted in dwelling and wet cell. The heating is controlled via a time switch clock. The pipes of the water plant and the optional under-floor heating as well as the conductions are shifted in an isolated function soil within travel mobilization ILS. In addition to the equipment extent belong: a freshwater tank with approximately 90 litres of volume, a heated waste water tank (about 70 litres), an interior lighting from currentsaving fluorescent tubes, a utility box, which directly and well accessible summarizes the connections for river and water as form-integrated element in a window cutout on the left vehicle side. This graceful designed solution avoids additional wall break-throughs. The control board is likewise new in the cockpit with a clear menu prompting. A solar plant is when desired available for the support of the power supply off public electricity mains. Individuality largely written over the basis models James Cook "Compact" and "Classic" make the two new Design and equipment lines for TREND possible and AMBIENTE an individual differentiation. The line TREND is stressed, fulfilled functionally held during AMBIENTE in optics and equipment extent the desires particularly fastidious travel mobile holiday-maker. The new Sprinter James Cook does justice to individual requirements WESTFALIA with numerous options. Thus the panorama roof leaves much light and air in here, permits the electrical tightening assistance particularly quiet closing of the sliding door, stands a further lockable value subject for the accommodation from valuable articles to the order for example. The sound package makes fastidious music benefit possible, owing to satellite plant comes at each place the television message in travelmobile. The customer center of Westfalia Van Conversion makes beyond that a further individualizing for the mechanism possible.

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(. . . continued from previous post)

Base vehicle Mercedes Benz Sprinter: strongly, cleanly and surely The ideal platform of the new James Cook forms the likewise new Mercedes Benz Sprinter. It sets yardsticks in numerous points. There would be the equally elegant and dynamic form. Or the strong and economical CDI diesel engines with an output of 80 KW (109 HP) up to 135 KW (184 HP). They correspond to the exhaust standard euro 4 and have in series a particle filter. The power transmission takes over in series a six-gearbox with Joystick or alternatively a comfortable five-course mechanism. The chassis of the Sprinter is both surely and comfortably laid out. The wheels with 16 tariff diameter offer place for large and stable brake disks all around. Anti-skid system ABS, drive slip regulation ASR, the electronic braking force distribution of EBV and the brake assistant BAS are part of the standard of all models. High point is the standard electronic stability program ADAPTIVE ESP® with charge and emphasis recognition. Driver and front seat passenger Airbag as well as ISO fixed child seat attachments on the seat are series conditions, alternatively give it to thorax Sidebags for drivers and front seat passengers. For the Sprinter its convenientness is just as typical. In the new James Cook is used in series the often adjustable comfort driver's seat. The seating position corresponds to a passenger car, freedom of movement, thought out file system, ergonomics of the cockpit and the consideration by new outside mirrors with adjustable wide angle employment is unsurpassed. Among the standard rank electrical window lifters, zentralverriegelung with remote maintenance as well as an electrical step at the sliding door. Beyond that numerous comfort and safety extras are available. In addition audio and navigation equipment (e.g. COMAND APS) belong, the multi-function steering wheel with on board computer, the air conditioning system for the driving cab or the tire pressure monitoring. As only model of its class there are the Sprinter with Bi-xenon-headlights including circling and bending light. James Cook: Travelmobilely with large tradition The development of the new Sprinter James Cook lies in the proven hands of Westfalia Van Conversion. The daughter of DaimlerChrysler with more than 50-jaehriger experience in the building of camping penalties manufactured already the two predecessor models of the James Cook. Both series set new yardsticks for camping penalty of lifted cut in their respective time in equipment and technology and took over thereby a role of the pioneer. Thus the first edition of the James Cook convinced attention exciting new fact in the year 1977 among other things by an adequate wet cell from a one-piece plastic element with warm water plant - at that time. As base vehicle at that time the again presented transporter row served Mercedes Benz T1 (at the beginning of 207 D - 309 D). The second generation of the James Cook starting from 1995 on basis of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter surprised among other things by large roominess owing to the innovative four-space concept, a particularly large roof bed as well as numerous new safety features.

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