VS30 various OEM parts from 2019 4x4 144" high roof (bumpers, bumper step, lights, floor, spare tire cage, bump stops, fenders) Utah


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hey everyone,

my 2019 4x4 144 just finished its full buildout and I picked it up from the builder yesterday.

I have various stock OEM parts that I'm looking to get rid of at good prices for interested parties. Everything has approximately 500 miles on it because I drove my van from the dealership to CBI/Prinsu in Idaho to get a roof rack installed and then drove back before taking it to the builder. In other words, it's new, with a little road dust on it.

everything is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm happy to ship.
  • front bumper and bumper cover (non-foglight) and all associated hardware
  • front bumper and bumper cover (foglight version) and all associated hardware
  • rear bumper, corners, and all associated hardware
  • Selenite grey front wheel fenders
  • front and rear bump stops
  • wood floor, d-rings, subfloor, and foam (entire stock flooring) CLAIMED
  • under-van spare tire cage
  • 4x black wheels with Blizzak tires, on them 700 miles
  • 270 degree rear hinges, selenite grey neutral
I don't have individual prices listed because I'm most concerned with just getting rid of the stuff, though of course I have no interest in ripping anyone off, either. If you're in need of any of these parts, let's just exchange some messages to come up with a price that is fair to both of us. I know that is non-traditional, but think it may work best given these OEM parts.


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I literally can not even make the rest of the photo files small enough to upload, so, I'll email you pictures if you need them. thanks.


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Hey DJextreme

I sold my factory rear step and bumpers online and when it came time to ship them I sent them through Greyhound Package Express
Turned out to be the cheapest I could find to ship across the country

It does require the recipient to go pick up the package at their nearest Greyhound bus depot though ...

Just putting it out there if it is something you hadn't considered...



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hey I appreciate that--ended up getting it shipped eventually. thanks for the tip.

just added some bump stops and 270* hinges to the list, for anyone interested. cheers.


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Hinges sold, other good stuff still around! Front bumpers, spare tire holder under van (free), bump stops, line-x front fenders

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