Another 170 Cargo build thread


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Just putting together a build thread for my 170 4x4. Hopefully it is either interesting to some or will help others. Or possibly y'all can keep me from doing something dumb.
4 - VcPsAEl.jpg

Started yesterday by printing some switch blanks for the panels under the steering wheel.
2 - sQiwixl.jpg
They don't fit the curves perfect but they snap in and don't rattle. I just chase the hole with the appropriate drill bit.


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Did a few more things this week.
Installed a fan.
11 - BAiYpnh.jpg

Installed a cheap heater
4 - E8p6ezz.jpg
8 - FMNkWnu.jpg

started installing insulation

5 - 7iYdb4O.jpg
6 - fWqlx1t.jpg

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