Roadtrek E trek 2015 where is the Auxiliary Batter Charging fusee under Driver seat?


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Hello I am trying to find the fuses that are tied to the auxiliary battery and go to the charger for the RV batteries. The alternator is no longer charging the RV Battery. I am assuming fuse blown. SO i look up on And it showed all these different diagrams. Which one is my Auxiliary battery diagram based on image below of my fuse box image? Which # is correct fuse for the Auzillary battery charger?

I am having other electric issues. Looks like that where all the fuses are. Just trying to figure out which is which.

I am looking at the “ Pre-fuse box at the base of the driver’s seat (only for auxiliary battery) F59/8”.

WHAT I. Am seeing looks nothing like what is posted there.. Here is what I am seeing.


Where are the fuse that are for alternator battery charge which I assume is the Pre fuse box?

ALSO How do I test fuse w/out having to pull out each one? Should I disconnect power? What about disconnect plug to Mercedes alternator? Thanks for he help?



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I'm somewhat confused (but 2015 is beyond my usual NCV3 documentation)

This is what i'd expect under your driver's seat

The fuse block your 2015 booklet described looks like the one in the VS30, but the final couple of NCV3 years *did* differ from the 2007 photo above.

OK ... here's how the VS30 does it:

The fuse block your book has drawn is inside a plastic "box", and has been opened and extracted for this photo. That's the "rear center" corner of under the US driver's seat. (the fat wires should be a dead giveaway)

??But does Roadtrek even *have* an MB-installed Auxiliary battery??
The blocks described above are for a relatively dinky 100 amp hour aux battery. I'd expect you to have beefier. (the MB Aux battery is located either under the hood on the driver's side, or under the passenger's front seat.)

There is a "pre fuse block" in the starter battery's under-floor box, bolted on to the battery's positive post.

What is the issue you're trying to chase??

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