Anybody bought a 4x4 vs30 lately?


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0% long term APR and $5,000 off MSRP seems the starting point for new sprinter 4x4 negotiations right now


About to pull the trigger on well optioned 4x4 144 here in Canada, any help on negotiation before I do?
Thinking today or tmw..


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Been looking for a used 4x4 but have started to look at new ones.
We had a lot of hail damage from a storm last week and many sprinters got hammered. Roof, hood and sides have dimples in them. Both plastic grills on the hood for the air intake are broken as well.
I have never made a hail claim. How much does it cost to fix hail damage?
The sprinters will be offered as is with the hail damage and I want to make sure I get enough of a discount if I buy.


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