Anybody bought a 4x4 vs30 lately?


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0% long term APR and $5,000 off MSRP seems the starting point for new sprinter 4x4 negotiations right now


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About to pull the trigger on well optioned 4x4 144 here in Canada, any help on negotiation before I do?
Thinking today or tmw..


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Been looking for a used 4x4 but have started to look at new ones.
We had a lot of hail damage from a storm last week and many sprinters got hammered. Roof, hood and sides have dimples in them. Both plastic grills on the hood for the air intake are broken as well.
I have never made a hail claim. How much does it cost to fix hail damage?
The sprinters will be offered as is with the hail damage and I want to make sure I get enough of a discount if I buy.



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Hi @45Kevin, do you mind sharing where these vans are located? I am in Vancouver. Thanks!
MB Country Hills in Calgary.
email this salesman "dcuke" <>; Danny Cuke.
He was very knowledgeable about the Sprinters, for a salesman that is.
They have maybe 20 or so with hail damage. All models IIRC.

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I'm also in the market for a 4x4. Was thinking of leasing. Can anyone share if they were able to get lease rates lower than the current 3.9%?
Onefin, the 0% APR is in US?

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