MB 410 4x4


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Hi all

A friend was browsing Bringatrailer last night and found this auction from back in January

Apologies if it has already been posted up before
But this thing is awesome!

Too bad spare parts for it are probably only available in a single warehouse in the former East Germany ... j/k


Actually quite lot of parts are are available in the US, specifically at the MB parts warehouse in New Jersey & through my local Benz dealer .
I have a few customers who have these ex Swiss Fire Brigade MB vans powered by the OM617, that derivative still has some basic parts availability. Except that is for things like pistons and bearing shells . These I managed to be scrounged up in Euro markets including the UK.


I remember them from the UK. Meanwhile, I had a 80's diesel Renault van for my bands PA system. I recall changing the head gasket in 30 minutes all from the comfort of sitting in the driver's seat.

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