Transmission conductor plate mystery gasket


2004 T1n 2500 Sprinter Long Wheel Base
Back story: Picked up this van pretty cheap. It has an issue shifting into 3rd. In 2nd it will reach RPM to shift, then slip into neutral, I let off gas then at lower RPM it smoothly shifts into 3rd gear. Been occasionally non daily driving it like this for a few months doing my research to change the fluid, filter, gasket, connector.

So tonight I finally have all of the supplies to do the thing. I have completed so far:
-drained the tray
-drained the TC
-removed the 13 pin connector
-removed the control body

Upon inspection of the control body we find an incomplete part of a ??bronze/copper? gasket wedged inside the spinny yellow circle thingy in the middle of the conductor plate (still looking for an exploded diagram of these parts to find the gasket) I think I attached a picture of what I am talking about. I am going to take off the conductor plate now and look to see if I can find the location of the mystery gasket...I want to order it asap because of the slowness of the world right now. If anybody knows I think they will be in this forum!



2004 T1n 2500 Sprinter Long Wheel Base
Ok I have figured out that the spining yellow guy is the float switch for fluid level. I think the copper ring was part of the electric circuit to signal when the float hits the top. Im ordering a new conductor plate...


Your posts do not fit my screen. I think it is because you attach phots that are of the wrong specs.


2004 T1n 2500 Sprinter Long Wheel Base
I love this forum, its a massive wealth of information but the interface is somewhat of a hieroglyphic to me, I didnt know that anyone had responded to my post until tonight; The day after I've replaced the conductor plate and reassembled the trans. Ive gone through as many posts about thrust washer/bearings? and needle bearings as I could find and visually what I found in my trans does not look like anything that I am seeing in the videos and photos. There is this post which looks similar to what I have found. I just dumpster dived for my old transmission filter in the trash to rip it open and see if there were any more pieces in it like in the photos on that post, but it was empty.
The transmission issue I was having before seems to be greatly diminished from the fluid change and new conductor plate install. The shift from 2nd to 3rd is much faster and has lower RPMs than before. It still doesn't sound great jumping rpms for the shift but its worlds better. From the research Ive done it of what a thrust washer bearing is used for I figure in its absence the transmission will slowly wear down to catastrophic failure at some point. I couldnt find the pieces of washer in the trash to check if they were magnetic.

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