San O Van finished at last


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Can you still carry 4'x8' sheet goods flat on the floor?
yes I can.

Everything in van will be modular and can be removed/ installed in 10 minutes or less. The kitchenette I will soon build will be the same way. Bolts up to lashing rails at 3 point. Then plugs into 12v wall socket for power. Will use a quick connect from 22 gallon over wheel arch water tank with gray water tank under sink.
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'20 144" HR 4x4
Our builds will be very similar, less the stereo work (wife and I are mostly hard of hearing, so wasted on us). What is also eerie is your original van order is only a couple of line items off from mine. Significant enough that I don't want that van, but really really close. Have you been spying on me? :shifty: :shifty: :shifty:

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