Troubleshoot House water pump


1.5 years ago I went dry (tanks). I refilled my fresh tank but my water pump won’t cycle on.
I can’t remember if I shut off a hidden switch...
How do I troubleshoot this?
(I have a voltmeter)

I’m F/T and public gyms and bathrooms are closing down so I need to get this going again!


So to cover the basics. Switch is on over the sliding door? Next I would check the fuse in the panel. Below and to the right of my fridge. I have a 2006 LTV Free Spirit. Pull the top of the cover to open it. In the fuse panel you'll see circuit breaker like a house. These are for 110V and you don't need to worry about them. The 12V fuses are pull out style. You will have a label telling you which ones are for what. If you pull the water pump one it will have a small wire when you look through it. If the wire is burnt replace it. You could also just try switching it out with a good one to check it.

Next you need to check the power at the pump. The pump is under the flat seat to the left of the fridge on mine. If you find the pump, it should have 2 wires and a connector. Undo the connector and see if you have 12V DC between the two wires. Hook one lead for your tester to one lead on the non pump side of the wires and one lead to the other non pump side of the wires. If you have 12V there, then you pump maybe seized up and need replaced. Any RV store or Amazon has them.

Hope this helps


2006 T1N 2500 Long & Tall
I drain my water system every fall. In the spring, like you I fill the water tank, like you often the pump won't prime itself. First when you turn on the pump with the switch above the sliding door. The switch lights up when pump is on.

Listen, can you hear a buzzing sound, it's under the seat cushion next to the fridge. If it's buzzing, that's a good sign. It means the pump is not priming. If you open the door under the fridge, make sure your valves are not in the water heater bypass (winterizing) position. Often it doesn't prime, turn off the pump, turn on again to see if it works. Perhaps it's in winter mode.....

You'll have to study the flow from the water tank to the pump and not the bypass hose.

If you don't hear a buzzing sound, refer to the previous post..... check electrical.

Good luck


I looked for a switch at the pump and at the water heater. Checked if any fuses were blown but I totally forgot about the switch up by the ceiling. In my van, the switch/monitor panel is above the closet.
Yes, simply flip the switch. I hate it when things fall out of my brain...

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