It doesn't make sense but if you get it done at a dealer they don't drain the torque converter either. I cant remember the reasoning but it comes straight from MB.
All about time and money, exploiting consumer ignorance. TC bolt a challenge to remove and disaster if damaged.

WIS says drain the TC. #7. See attached.


I understand that you should drain the TC when changing the transmission fluid (I did on the last change). The question I have is how many quarts of fluid do you need if you don't do the TC?
Hi guys any write-up update with the torque converter flush?
There is a screw-on torque converter itself. It is accessible and visible through a small window in front of the transmission. You have to rotate crankshaft to see it. Then configure tool to access it. Sometimes it is impossible to take that screw out because it seizes pretty bad.


Best shop practice:

Marinate TC drain plug overnight with penetrating oil of your preference.

Dig crud, if any, out of drain plug hex hole to allow full insertion of hex tool. Not doing this may result in stripped drain plug.

After TC drain plug removal, insert small, hollow, plastic swizzle stick-straw in drain hole to break vacuum and allow fluid to drain overnight.

Didn't notice your engine. According to MB OM651 crankshaft must be turned in correct direction or risk derailing cam chain. Out of abundance of caution, apply same practice to other engines.

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