Pics of motorcycles in the van

Here's a shot of my 170 from a trip last year. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the bed pulls out so that it goes from a narrow-ish cot used for naps while I'm on the road to a wider/more comfortable bed once I get to where I'm going.

I'll post more pictures the next time I haul the bike.



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Pretty cool seeing all of these. I have an idea (way too premature to call it a plan) of hitting the road in mid January with my KTM 690 Enduro inside the van with me in addition to living quarters. Might be ambitious... we'll see.
Sharing these, not because they're anything special, just hoping to give some ideas to the guys like me who have been looking all over for examples of how a bike and bed can fit in a van. This is a 2015 170 inch passenger with a bloated KLR 650 and a 30 X 80 inch folding bed frame I got from Walmart and a free standing wheel chock with the bike strapped down four ways.

The "trick" to this frame is that it's half of a set used to support a queen size bed. (70 bucks for both). To clear the wheel well I had to cut and re-weld one of the middle legs 10 inches toward the center. This makes it possible to slide the bed forward or backward depending on how much room you want on either end. You might also be able to see how those plastic storage boxes fit just below the frame.

My fat arse does make it little tight scooching past the handle bars, but I don't go back and forth very often. I'm still experimenting with pads/mattresses and may eventually take 6-8 inches off the length since I don't need more than 72 inches.

I often get asked if this set-up allows stinky gas fumes to quaff from the bike. The short answer is "not really". I'm guessing that this is mostly due to the fact that the bike still has the smog crap on it and that the charcoal canister must be doing it's job. On rare occasions, when the tank is supper full (probably too full) or when the van sits for a long time in very hot weather I do get a wiff of gas. This is easily resolved by opening the back doors and windows for a minute or running the front and back A/C to clear the air. (I did notice the kids sleeping a lot more when we haul the bike on family trips.... juuust kidding :thinking:)

Good luck with your motovan. Let me know if you want details.

KLR in Van - Back.jpgKLR in Van - Bed.jpgKLR in Van - Front.jpg


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Nice topic!
The main reason I bought my last Sprinter - a used 2014 2500 144 cargo with low roof- was to see whether I could carry 2 big BMW GS bikes cross country and enjoy it...
I took the 2014 from MA to UT, AZ, NM, NV in April 2019 with the 2 BMW and a friend flew in to Las Vegas to meet up. We spent 3 weeks riding around the SW. Then in September of last year I took just my GS and went to MT- due to early snow I went back to UT and rode the second half of September there...
With just the one bike, my fold down bed/sofa, usual moto camping equipment, lithium storage battery and a single car battery as a house battery beneath the passenger seat, I was able to comfortably and easily camp and use the van as my home base.
It worked so well- I had to take advantage of better pricing and availability of the 2019 2500 4x4 models that were still available on dealer lots this summer. I bought a 2019 2500 144 high roof crew 4x4.390 camp 1.JPG


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