Electric Transit 2021


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It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Ford cannot keep up Transit orders now, especially models with higher end options.

I can't imagine going head first into both the EV aspect and the multitudes of model variations at the same time like are indicated in that article.


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Something missing from that article (and other reports i've heard of the announcement) is the expected battery capacity and/or range estimates

But the other thing in there is the announcement of their country-wide charging network (i think it's in cooperation with a couple of the existing charging companies)



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The EU approach has been to focus on inner city delivery and commercial vehicles vs longer distances.

Many of these commercial EV vehicles are designed with a 100 km range.

I am not certain, but this 100 km range might even be a government focus target for the application. EU companies are great at hitting targets but are usually hesitant about making major investments without clear targets.


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Volkswagen introduced ID Buzz as a concept vehicle quite a long time ago already. It was well received and after a while they said it will come to production in 2022.
A working prototype:

Quick specs:
- Range of 270 miles / 434 km (EPA) or 373 miles/600 km (NEDC)
- 111 kWh battery.
- two electric motors for AWD and total system output: 275 kW/369horsepower.
- 0-60 mph run in about 5 seconds.
- ability to accept rates of up to 150 kW (80% charging in about half hour)

That would have enough range to be my daily driver. Unfortunately, unless I win the lottery it will also be out of my price range.


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Last June VW put out a "teaser" advertisement worthy of their original DDBO ad series.

I forwarded it to my appropriate friends (and may have posted it here, too).
We all want one.

update: found it!


(they really had me at 0:27...)(... and at 1:06)(... and at 1:14)
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