Screw fell down the sink...

OK. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I dropped a small screw down the bathroom sink of our 2019 Interstate Lounge. It was just small enough to go right through the stamped sheet metal drain cover in the sink, and I heard the screw rattle and clank all the way down the pipes to below the floor. Questions:
1. Will the screw go through the macerator discharge pump from the grey water tank without killing the pump?
2. Assuming that I will need to physically get it out myself, how do I accomplish such as task?


2010 Roadtrek SS Ideal
I’d try removing the drain cover or perhaps even the whole sink outlet apparatus and lowering a magnet on a string ?????
A screw that small may pass through the macerator, be ground up by the macerator or yes, perhaps even jam the macerator.
Is there a macerator “by pass” drain that can be used to flush your grey water tank and remove the screw ? Magnet may again be helpful in finding the screw in the flush water ?

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