I have a parking lot full of Sprinters in SF if you need a safe place to keep yours


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I have a parking lot full of Sprinters if you need a safe place to keep yours.

on the BART Rapid Transit line just outside of San Francisco California.
1508 Macdonald Ave, Richmond CA 94801

I keep my van here as well as 4 other people. 5-6 vans total at the moment. Room for 3 more.

Its got power and a bathroom for tinkering and upgrading the vehicles. We have done a few buildouts at the lot here.
We have a night security guy who stays here too.

It really beats parking on the street in SF and having people smash the windows.

Thought i should post this here in case anyone else in SF wants somewhere safe to hide their Sprinter OFF of THE STREET.

Yes there is a cost per vehicle, 125/month covers everything. Way cheaper than a storage lot. plus not run by a giant company, and you can walk 50 feet to the BART train.



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Hey Charlie. Thanks for the Post. There are a few of us active duty military living in our vans. We work at SFO, at the coast guard air station. Beats trying to pay rent out here. And most of us get sent on deployment and are never home any way. Anyway, Richmond is kinda far for us for a daily commute. Are you aware of any other places like this near the SFO airport/west bay area?
Thanks, yours in van life,

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