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Does anyone know where I can get an electrical diagram for a 2012 RS? I have an intermittent problem with the receptacles driven by the inverter. I suspect the transfer switch but need a detailed diagram to trouble shoot.


You may have a loose connection at the inverter. The power gets to the inverter through a regular AC socket and plug under the driver's seat and leaves the inverter through another socket and plug. These are known to jiggle loose. There is an access grate on the back of the driver seat base. Move the seat forward to see it. The plug connections will be on the left side of the inverter as you are looking at it. Not easy to see or reach, but I recall reaching in there once and pushing one of the plugs back in tighter to get things working again. Do your reaching around in there with the power off, of course.


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Many thanks for posting these drawings. I've found nothing similar for my 2018 SS Agile Roadtrek, but even though they are for earlier years, they are most informative. Well done.

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