Add / remove rear bumper w/ pics


Couple quick pics showing how to remove rear stock bumper VS30

_Start at the side plastic trim just rearward of your wheels
_Slip your fingers along BOTTOM edge of plastic panel and work towards rear of van, popping body clips as you go
_With your hands still in between plastic and sheetmetal move to top edge and work towards front of van
_The last one (top edge, closest to wheel opening) is different - it does not pop off, the trim panel slides off this last one by sliding it towards front of van

_Now remove small plastic trim panel below taillight
To free plastic rivet, remove interior panel, nudge pin in just enough so that you can stick some tape on it (so it doesn’t get lost), now push it all the way through, remove female part of plastic rivet, one more body mounting clip along rearmost edge, and this panel comes off

_Remove two plastic rivets on bumper corner plastic piece. You can access the upper plastic rivet by pulling the 2.5~3” plastic hole cover from underneath the van.

_Repeat on opposite side of van

_7 torx bolts along the top edge of plastic bumper cover - use blue loctite on reassembly
_Disconnect parking sensor wiring - might have to cut some zip ties to get to plugs

_If you’re also removing / adding factory step or hitch, do yourself a favor and drop spare tire for more room to get at those bolts. Use red loctite on reassembly

First time I did this, I broke 4 body mounting plastic clips
They are not easily removed, I cut the broken ones and replaced as needed
Incidentally these are the same ones you deal with when installing Agile NoRub mini fenders...

MB p/n 910 991 00 00


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