Baja update 2/2020

We have been in the Mulege area exploring between Mulege and Loreto the last month. The weather has been colder than normal so we have not spent as much time on the beach this year. There does not seem to be nearly as many people down here this year, I think the stories about crime in mainland Mexico have had an effect. I know there is a serious problem on the mainland with gang warfare but it has not spilled over into the Baja. The people here are as friendly and honest as any place I have been. Come down and meet the locals I think you will soon feel comfortable on the fun side of the wall! The fuel is good in all of Baja now but has gone up in price to about $4.00 a gallon. Restaurants and hotels are about half of what you pay in the States. I will post some pictures when we have access to faster internet. Adios for now
We are paddlers not surfers so I can't answer your question with any first hand knowledge. We also have not spent any time on the Pacific side, we look for calm waters not surf. I have seen a lot of surfers come thru Muluge the last few days I will ask them for a surf report and get back to you!


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When you head north try to make a stop at Bahia De Los Angeles.
Excellent folks, the doctor in town in a American ex pat if I remember correctly and has places to stay on the cheap.
Man its been years since I have been down there.
That warm blue water, wonderful people and the solitude of the stars plus ocean waves.

If you drive south I highly recommend Tortuga Sport Fishing in La Paz. Fishing is great but even if you dont fish the area is great for paddling, water is see thru down to the depths where you can actually see the fish. When you show up in the morning there is a bunch of creatures line showing off its bioluminescent lights. Amazing
3 square meals are provided, rooms with AC and fish to take home. :)

if you have baja related questions let me know I may be able to shoot you to a couple of spots.
Just a quick fyi the baby whales in Scammons lagoon should still be in the bay. Great paddle or just take a panga out to them. Guerrero negro is the biggest town.


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Was down there last February and so many great places to visit, great tacos and the people were wonderful. Furthest south we went was La Paz, swam with the whale sharks and camped out near the ferry - great city to visit! Stopped in San Ignacio for a few days; saw the grey whales. Camped in Bay of Conception, Aqua Verde, Scorpion Bay, Loreto & Bahia de Los Angeles. Stopped by Coco's Corner - the new road no longer goes right by his place.

In my latest research, they Baja border is still not open to driving across. Baja Norte is showing "red" for non essential travel.

Have fun down there!IMG_6518.jpeg


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Border crossing not an issue I guess. Though all I read is “closed for non essential travel” it’s open. One friend did it just before thanksgiving, through tj and one just crossed in Mexicali. 🤷‍♂️🙏🏻 Both are still down there so I don’t know what it’s like coming back.
Thanks for the encouraging words on where you stayed.


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Good to know - was hoping to go down again in February - let us know if you have any problems crossing.

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