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Stoopid Things Condensed Version

First let me say I’m just joking with my Stoopid Things title. Many of the features make loads of sense, they just are not intuitive from driving other vehicles. The intent of my “Stoopid Things I Shoulda Known” thread was to give people a place to look up or post some of the things that are somewhat unique to Sprinters, particularly T1N’s. It has occurred to me that the thread is a bit convoluted and maybe boring to read through. So I am posting this more condensed version here in Write-ups.

I use the Windows search feature keyboard "Ctrl F" for keyword search for this Condensed page.

More details on these line items are available in the original thread following the basic chronological order here:
An unabashed advertisement. If you find the style of the above thread helpful I have some others.

Tips for New to Sprinter Owners

Cheap Tricks condensed
(The condensed list has short descriptions to aid searching.)

Used Sprinter Buying Tips

Check Engine Light DTC MIL Codes List

Limp Home Mode comments

Trailer Wiring OEM Harness vs. Light Module

Tools - Quality, Special, Dodge, MB, Mercedes, Hose Clamp

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20110908 edit: A recent post by Doktor A. Calling Doktor A is a Smart Thing with Sprinters, not at all a Stoopid Thing. He's still in the Eastern Time Zone so be courteous as to timing of calls.
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My 24/7 Sprinter Hot Line (412-366-6165) is alive and well. I happily return most phone calls within several days of hearing your message.

"Call my Sprinter Hot Line 864-623-9110. Doktor A".

864 623-9110 and an address of 500 RC Edwards School Rd. Central SC

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The Sprinter Hot Line phone number is now 864-623-9110.
I ask that callers please leave their phone number, model year of Sprinter and brief details of their Sprinter related issue. Kindly identify if you are a repair tech or an owner.

I find that the Hot Line is a valuable tool which helps expand my data base and my mind. Many callers become friends, clients and visitors.

My new Doktor A commercial annex location, here in Pittsburgh, features 7 day a week complete Sprinter service by appointment. I feature all service from routine maintenance to black death surgery to same day transmission replacement. On site windshield replacement by one of the nations best (and affordable!) Sprinter glass installers.

My in house parts department stocks EVERYTHING for Sprinter, new and used.

Messages asking for emergency road advice are always given priority.

Doktor A

Page 1

* Only the instrument back lighting works with the DRL Daytime Running Lights. To get the back lights to work on the heater controls and other dash switches (and also to use your high beam headlights) you need to turn the headlights on with the stalk switch. Post #1

* Tail light wattages and wiring colors for a 2004 2500. The bottom lamp is a running light and should be 5 watt, not a 21 watt lamp which will be as bright as a brake light. I added a link to trailer connection wiring discussion thread. Post #4

* The transmission fluid can turn to a straw color as it ages. If your transmission fluid is no longer red it may be past time to change it out, but you can't just go by color. Starts at Post #5

Page 2

* Turbo Charger Information. Some links to information about basic turbo charger operation. Post #16

* Some of the Sprinter OEM mirrors have huge blind spots. Post #17

* The factory backup alarm may have a lower noise feature for your neighbors in the mornings. Post #18

* There is a little vent fan for the temperature control sensing that can plug up. Post #19

* The ASR/ESP anti-skid controls can make a bunch of noise when they engage. The ASR can actually make slow starting speeds in slippery conditions more difficult. The ASR can be defeated. Post #20

Page 3

* High volume “truck” nozzles used at full flow can cause pressure surges in your tank and blow off vent lines. Post #25

* There is a timed cabin outside fresh air intake defeat feature available. Post #27

Page 4

* In my opinion the MIL malfunction indicator light (a.k.a. CEL check engine light) is nothing to panic about. Don’t let it ruin your vacation travels. Post #31

* All the tires on your Sprinter need to be the same size. The computer monitors the individual wheel speeds. Post #32

* Methods for getting out of the driver seat to the far away ground below. Post #33 and #39

* Some tips from Mike Sokol for finding Sprinter service on the road. Post #34

* All NAFTA Sprinters have a speed limiter. The highest it is likely to be set is 85 mph. Post #35

* My method for changing the air filter on a T1N Sprinter. It isn’t as straight-forward as you’d expect. Post #36

* There are two search boxes available from the Sprinter-source blue bar. Sometimes the Google box which is lower down works better. Post #37

Page 5

* The 2004 and newer Sprinters do not have a Low Pressure Fuel indicator icon, but it shows one in the dashboard pictures in the manual. Post #41

* The park light switch can be set to only light the “street side” of your Sprinter. Post #42

* The computer monitors both high and low level engine oil levels. You really don’t want to overfill your engine oil. Post #44

* The NCV3 Models have a Rear Fog Light Feature. Unfortunately apparently it's not on the T1N models. Post #45

* Low Roof vs Standard Roof. You will care if you ever need a windshield. Post #46

* Possible start error security interference from other transponders. Post #47

* Remove the T1N license plate light units without damage. Post #49

Page 6

* Consider LED replacement lamps for license plate lights. Post #51

* "Call my Sprinter Hot Line 412-366-6165. Doktor A".
"have a pad of paper handy when you call him" Post #52

* Remember to turn off the upper dash vents in winter. Post #53

* Obscure Part - The T1N OM647 Engine (2004 - 2006) Turbo Air Hose is listed as a Coolant Hose. Post #54

* T1N diesel coolant is G05 HOAT type. Post #55

* An electrical related list of acronyms and cross reference Dodge to Freightliner. Post #56

* There is a wheel sensor calibration adjustment required for the ESP system when a wheel alignment is performed. There is also a short description of the dashboard ESP indicator lamp status. Post #57

* Some factory options are not easily added to NCV3 Sprinters. Some are next to impossible to add. This post will take you to some of the links discussing options. Post #59

* Another acronym and cross reference list related to fuel systems. Post #60

Page 7

* An official discussion of Black, Blue, and White exhaust smoke. Post #61

* A short description of the REST heater function, Booster Heater, and the OEM Auxiliary Heater. Post #62

* The Sprinter does not come with a transmission dipstick for checking level. Some are "good" = stop ears, and "bad" = no ears MB dipsticks. More details in post #65

* NAFTA cargo models lack OEM seat bracket attachment hardware. Adding rear seats to cargo models is not just bolting in the brackets. Post #66

* How do I find Rear Speaker or Trailer Wiring? Post #67

* Obscure part - OM 647 Engine Fuel pressure relief valve part# 5166878AA Post #68

* Some General Info about T1N Fuse Blocks, Fuses and Relays Post #69

* Some Cautions Regarding The Fuse and Relay Blocks Post #70

Page #8

* Do not use starting fluid with your diesel engine. Post #71

* Techauthority Manuals and On-line Info Post #73

* Cruise Control not working, shifter stuck? Brake Switch Adjust Post #74

* The "Thou Shalt Not Jack a Sprinter Differential" Myth Post #75

* Transmission line split torn burst leak slit refill fill lost transmission fluid Post #79

Page #9

* Tire Tires Tyre Best Most Bestest Goodest Wonderfullest Recommended Post #81

* The High Amp Compact Fuses off the Battery are not easy to find Post #82

* Easy Steering Column Fuse Cover Removal and Fuse Bonus Packs Post #84

* More Fuse Information Post #85

* Another possible myth - NAFTA 3500 dual rear end 15" tires need to be E rated. Post #89

Page #10

* OM647 Engine Smooth Flat Idler Pulley Post #91

* T1N Key Fob Remote Control Battery Batteries Post #93

* Depending upon your bumper, rear windows may extend out too far. Post #94

* Air Bag Respect. Post #95

* Always seat the engine oil filter cartridge securely on the stem pipe. Post #96

* Always disconnect the negative battery terminal for electrical work. Post #97

* Don't Ignore Old Shock Absorbers for Too Long. Post #98

* Start Error DIY SKREEM Reset Possibility. Post #99

I am locking this thread because it refers to my original meandering Stoopid Things. Please feel free to add information to the original thread. I will periodically update this one to match it. AP/vic
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Page #11

* Turbo Info and Video. Post #101

* Quote Box Formatting in Sprinter-source. Post #102

* Snap-on Snap on Snapon Scan Tool Use Post #105
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