New Coach House Owner w/MB Chassis Concerns


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To those in the know-

Would appreciate thoughts of those with experience with these MB Sprinter Chassis. This 2015 rig has the 2014 MB Sprinter 3500 Chassis with 39,000 miles. Based on the CARFAX the Chassis appears to be well maintained at several MB dealerships.

I'm STILL nervous about the reliability of these chassis based on what I read combined with the fact I'm not the least bit mechanical by nature.

As a result, I'm trying to anticipate what mostly likely could/would go wrong so I can maybe prepare in advance. Problems seem to be most prevalent in the areas of emissions and battery/electrical issues.

What things are most important to have in the rig in case I'm stranded?
I'm assuming for example, a battery charger in the event I have a dead battery.
What else should I have?

Thanks in advance!!


Any time I buy a used vehicle I always take it to a mechanic I trust to check over every thing they can. It usually cost about $150. I have not bought a vehicle because of what they found. It has saved me a lot of money. As far as things to have with you traveling. I bring jumper cables and basic tools, screwdrivers crescent wrench vise grips duct tape electrical tape and fuses. Good luck with your decision.

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