2013 Sprinter 313 Euro 5 will not start

Gordon W

New member
Hi I am new to the forum and I have a problem with a 2013 euro5 sprinter . After replacing the fuel filter housing due to a water leak and having to disconnect the common rail the vehicle started up afterwards and ran for about 30 seconds .After purging the fuel system again and checking for fuel leaks it still will not start . What I did notice is that when the ignition is switched on it sounds as if it is drawing air . After the pump stops turn ignition off and back on and still sounds like drawing air . I fitted a none return valve to the inlet side of the filter and a temporary clear hose between the filter outlet and the rubber hose to the high pressure pump , no sigh of any air bubbles . I would have liked to have replaced the pipe to the high pressure pump but cannot see were the pipe in routed with the pump being at the rear of the engine . There is a generic code P2BAC but no other codes . Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks

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