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My 2015 3.0 Sprinter 4x4 has been not starting if the morning temp falls below -15f. The van has 95,000 miles, I purchased it at 75,000 miles.

I have a small pan heater and a battery tender for plugins. Please note I'm running fresh 0-30 wt ESP oil and fuel filter was changed 1,000 miles ago, also note the tank is more than half full the last time I tried to program.

The preheater only has one red light, most videos I watch the switch has two, a red and yellow. The heater comes on once the truck is running and I can hear it cycle down when I shut the truck off. So far I've not been able to program the heater to preheat. I will be installing a coolant fluid heater that will resolve the problem when I can plugin however, I would like to feel more confident about cold starts when I can't plugin off-grid.

How does my one light heater work compared to the two light heaters?
Can it be programmed?
Any other recommendations?



I have only one light. Pretty easy, just hold button until lights goes on red and voilĂ ! Heat setting must be on full hot.


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The yellow light turns on when a pre-programmed start time is set. This is all documented in the user manual. Google sprinter user manual and a PDF should be available for a bunch of different years.

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