Electricity in sliding door for outside light

Has anyone added anything electrical to the sliding door? Having a 144" wb van I can only find room for an outside light for outdoor cooking/relaxing is on the sliding door. Any experience in this area will be appreciated.



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Working from the 3rd party wiring diagram, i don't think you'll find a power source in the sliding door. Even the "ground" feed will occasionally become +12v (during a Lock sequence).


I would investigate adding two wires to the flexible "cable run" that feeds the door.

p.s. 2007 service/wiring info:
http://www.diysprinter.co.uk/reference/2007-sprinter-service-information.pdf <-2007 MB service manual
http://www.diysprinter.co.uk/reference/2007-sprinter-wiring-information.pdf <- MB wiring diagram from above
http://www.diysprinter.co.uk/reference/2007_Wiring-sprinter-2500.pdf <-- 3rd party wiring diagrams

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This doesn't address the question.

There are so many portable LED lamp options that I don't see the need to mess with the OEM wiring and electrics.

This is a cheap magnetic light that works well. I use them on boats. The included hook also hangs nicely on handrails or other places.


There are other more fancy options.

I have added red or yellow lens covers to LED's. It works well.

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This would be a softer light.


Use something like this to stick a temporary light most anywhere.

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The idea of the light was to spread a good amount of light in the area outside of the door. The only reason I am worrying about it now is I am doing the inside wiring and trying to cover all my bases. I figured out that there was no available hot wire in the door. I have already bought a light a 400 lumin exterior LED flood light from Camping World. It is an ITC brand. When I ordered it I planned on putting it above the door without really checking it out good. Well, that want work out. There is a good flat place on the door and if I place it in the far right side it will still give good light in open position. :thinking: I may have just had an epiphany; if I bring a paired wire out of the door frame, allow a loop of the wire slightly longer than the length to close the door and run it into the edge of the door in the closed position. It should be straight when closed and just drop down and hide beside the van when opened. :hmmm: An improvement to that would be a take-up reel, maybe 4" in diameter on the inside of the door. But I don't have time to invent that now.

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I just ran about 8 ft of LED strip lighting on the underside lip of the van just below the slider and passenger door. Plenty of light without it shining in your face or blinding other campers. I located the switch on the inside B pillar. The lighting appears blue in the pictures but it is actually a white.

Tasodin Water-Resistance IP65, 12V Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light, 16.4ft/5m Cuttable LED Light Strips, 300 Units 3528 LEDs Lighting String, LED Tape(White) Power Adapter not Included https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HRMOM8O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_m72iEbSQ2CHZK

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gltrimble, Very nice! How did you attach the strip to the body? Also, did you drill a hole thru the floor into the B pillar to run the wires? Thanks.


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gltrimble, Very nice! How did you attach the strip to the body? Also, did you drill a hole thru the floor into the B pillar to run the wires? Thanks.

The LED strip has an adhesive backing but I did not trust it. Instead I put a 1/4” wide strip of VHB tape between the LED strip light and the van sheet metal. I cut a 1/2” wide roll of VHB tape down the middle. I accessed the B pillar by running the wire leads thru the styrofoam plug on the bottom of the B pillar.

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