Getting hustled


2008 2500 170" EXT
A dealer, or any business for that matter, can ask what ever price they want. It is called capitalism. They may not even be in any violation of agreement or rules specified by MB.

However, paying that price is entirely optional.

That said, and do what I had to do as the Vancouver Dodge dealers were in collusion back in 2008 and set the bottom line selling price between themselves at full MSRP, is buy one from another city or province where there is competition. I got mine in Calgary and saved ~$6k after all said and done.


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For most people, the purchase of a new car is a dazzling and powerful emotional experience. Unfortunately, this emotional state makes them ripe for manipulation and easy exploitation. Additionally, most people negotiate monthly payments attempting to keep the payment as low as possible. At least they should be. Others, negotiate out the door price.

I prefer having my financing in order prior to arriving at the dealership and negotiate an "out the door price", attempting to keep the final sale price as low as possible to minimize annual registration fees.

I usually start at 20% off sticker. When they run my credit check and fund verification they are eager to negotiate. On one occasion they said what can we do to make the deal and I said sell me the car 15% off sticker and they did. Now I think I would reassess and start at 25 % off.

Anyways, I wouldn't be in a hurry and expect multiple trips to a dealer, if for not any other reason than to par take in some of their instant coffee and stale crumpets in a lobby filled with the local hoity-toitys.


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Slinky dog, look online and fly to where you get a deal and drive it home. Just because you have only one dealer in your neck of the woods does not mean you have to buy it from him. There are so many honest dealers who will sell it at MSRP or at a discount even.
That is what I did.


Ken was top notch to me, unfortunately they just didn't have unit with my options needed. Highly recommend trying him,

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