What items cant you live without?!


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I am new to the site and new to the sprinter/conversion world. I picked my self up a 2019 3500XU 4x4 and cant wait to get this things outfitted and on the road. Now I know I can search this forum till I am blue in the face, but I want to know what items you installed or WISH you installed on your sprinter. I have plans to convert mine for not only summer camping, but also winter as I am an avid splitboarder. That being said I am still needing it to be fairly open in the back as I would still like to have the ability to haul item should it be needed.

So? I am looking for recommendations, things to do....things NOT to to and anything any of you fine people can offer up for advice.



There are times when a 12V heated throw can save a bad day.. . PITA to stow, another wire to mind, but preheating an icy bed or erasing water-soaked chill earns its keep in my rig.


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Fridge. Not a cooler, a fridge.


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Any particular brand/model you personally recommend?
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My 45 litre Engel has an excellent reputation and has performed flawlessly for several years. It sips power and keeps things as cold as i like. I’s not silent, but I love it, despite its crappy closure latch. It was spendy.

Truckfridge is a lower cost alternate with a good reputation, too.


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I have a Dometic 40 CFX... extremely quiet and efficient, holds temps, can set it to temps below freezing and even make ice, I can move it to where I want it...
It's amazing how much I can put in one when one doesn't have to use ice... day and night difference as compared to my Yeti 35... but then again, I can use my Yeti away from my Sprinter...
Pros and cons to each...
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