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I’m thinking about buying a 2015.5 Unity MB. I’ve been reluctant about getting a unit with a slide. My previous corner bed Serenity was a great unit but we like the idea of a Murphy Bed. Nervous about the slide problems that could develop. I would appreciate hearing from any of you that have had problems as well as those who haven’t. Thank you


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Get a Wonder MB :thumbup: No Slide

My only experience with a slide was in a week-long rental of a 20ft Forest River. We were the second renters to use this vehicle.

It leaked badly in the rain and had several deficiencies in the cabinetry (broken hinges, misaligned doors, etc.

Also, the slide jammed in the deployed position, preventing departure from a campsite. :bash:

I eventually managed to free the slide and, on returning to the rental outfit, I had an extended conversation with their senior repair tech about RV manufacturing quality, including slide reliability.

He stated that he would NEVER buy an RV with a slide. :professor:

That's all I know. :idunno:

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We have a 2014 Unity MB and have had absolutely no issues with the slide. It requires almost no maintenance and does not rattle or give any problems.



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I have a 2014 Unity MB and have never had an issue with my slide. I do lubricate it annually and I keep the slide switch pressed down 5 seconds longer at the end of each open or close cycle. Also, I never stop the slide at any point. I keep the slide switch depressed for it's full travel and then keep it pressed 5 seconds longer. Operating the slide this way ensures that the motors never get out of sync with each other. Which is probably the primary failure mechanism.
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He stated that he would NEVER buy an RV with a slide. :professor:

That's all I know. :idunno:

As a consumer I wouldn't want to be without one if a reliable unit is available. (Rental units can see some tough service and inexperienced operators. Eg. - best to level the rig before deploying. Added: Comments by others indicates a "sync" procedure.)

The technology has been around for decades. In my opinion a little bit of slide out space makes a huge difference in inside comfort. Our Jayco 23b has a manual slide out that only extends about a foot. It still opens the trailer up very nicely.

Certainly I would research the reliability of any RV with a slide out that I was considering, but I wouldn't dismiss having one off hand.

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I believe that the Sprinter related RV market (not just LTV) has settled on the Schwintek system for slides. This system is much more reliable that other, previous, slide systems that were based on jack screws or on hydraulics. I am not concerned about my slide (I do hold it in for synch per the manual) and would suggest that you shouldn't worry either.


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The Forest River unit did use a jack screw, IIRC. This was about 5 years ago.

We did enjoy the extra room, but not the hassle.


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How much stuff do you have that needs to go with you in the camper?

slides weigh quite a bit, and this comes off the available cargo.

the extra space is nice, but then again, do you need it?

the best time to have extra space is when you are stuck inside.

but I suspect that any slide is most likely to have air and water intrusion during stormy periods with heavy rain and high winds.

I did not want to get a slide, which influenced our decision on the IB


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Our 2018 Unity MB has 1660 pounds of OCCC. We are nowhere near GVWR after loading. Slide technologies are better than in previous times, both the slide mechanisms and seals against the environment.

Get the floorpan that meets your camping style and desires.


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We have 2015.5 MB and the 2nd night out on our trip home it rained like a cow peeing on a flat rock. No leaks. We've since been in several hard rains and still no leaks. I also adhere to the hold the motor for a few seconds. So no regrets so far. Knock on wood.


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I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and experiences. I will go ahead and get the coach based your positive
recommendations. I appreciate the time you took helping me make this decision. Best to all. Can’t wait to get on the road!


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We have a 2015.5 Murphy bed Unity. Purchased new. No problems what so ever with the slide out. The mechanism does squawk at times when on the road but lubricating the drive mechanism helps. I have tweaked, adjusted or replaced a number of items on this RV, which is apparently normal, but no problems with the slide mechanism. Should you cross into Canada and be sidelined for an inspection be sure to unlatch the bed so that customs officials can satisfy their curiosity without causing damage when pulling the bed down while still latched.


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I traded a 2015 Winnebago ERA C with a slide for a 2018 Serenity CB to get rid of the slide! The slide is a mechanical device (just another potential source of failure). It rattled, it damaged my flooring twice (thank goodness the repairs were still under warranty), and it is a source of air infiltration. Gaskets wear and don't seal properly. But, I guess the biggest thing is all the dust and dirt that collects on the slide while camping move into your living space when you retract the slide! Yes, there is a canopy, but that only knocks off leaves and pine straw. Pollen and dust collect on the sides (especially in the spring and in dusty campgrounds) and come inside to accompany you on your journey!


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I traded a 2015 Winnebago ERA C with a slide for a 2018 Serenity CB to get rid of the slide! ...
Not even apples and oranges. Twenty years ago, we had a Winnebago Class A. It was so poorly built that my father-in-law, a carpenter, always carried a screwdriver when he camped with us so he good tighten interior screws as we rolled down the road. From my reading, Winnebago build quality has not improved over the decades, and can't hold a candle to LTV's.

We now have a little more than 33,000 miles on our 2017 FX. We have had no problems with our slide, and have never experienced or observed any of the problems described by GEDS. Why? Because it's not a Winnie!

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