2006 Sprinter 3500 RV T1N Transmission Code Question


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I had my transmission fail on my RV, which is the beginning of a nightmare story MB Dealership story that is too to share here. I am fighting through some issues with them on a major failure, they have formulated 2 excuses that I need to debunk if at all possible.

1. The rebuilt that I had them install started leaking fluid out of the overflow immediately after picking it up. I had zero performance issues, it was shifting fine, no slipping, no overheating, just dripping fluid. They claim that when I brought it back that there was high a high pressure code for the transmission, and that was the cause of the overflow. Is there a specific code for that? My belief; based on some early comments that were made is that they simply overfilled it.

2. The torque converter in the rebuilt was painted which I know is common for a couple of reasons. To identify it is a rebuilt unit and the paint is temperature sensitive for over heating. They claimed that paint got into the mounting holes for the driver plate, causing a false torque reading when they installed the bolts. Those bolts came loose under power, you can imagine what happened. I recovered most of the bolts, no paint residue to be seen on them. Is there a written MB procedure for securing/torquing those bolts? I read in the manual that all 6 need to be hand tightened first, then gone back over and set to the correct torque specs. Is there anything written that says Locktite or something should be used?

Pictures of the trans damage attached.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

Tim T.
2006 Dodge Sprinter 3500 RV



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I'm guessing you bought the rebuilt trans and torque converter elsewhere and then took it to an MB dealer to have them install it?? They screwed up the installation and now the 'fault' lies not with them, but with the components you brought them??

I've heard some pretty wild excuses for poor workmanship in my time, but I swear, your case really takes the cake! - The paint on the torque converter caused an erroneous reading, so the bolts fell out??? Talk about grasping at straws!

Wish I could offer some assistance, but it looks like you're probably in a no win situation to me - Their lawyers are probably better paid than your lawyers will be, so suing them might only make a bad situation worse. I'm about 98% allergic to having any dealer mechanic do anything on any of my vehicles and your story just reinforces that all the more - Not only poor quality work, but they don't even own up to their own mistakes



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Nailed it Don! I am building my case and will be taking it to small claims court in the near future. I'm just trying to fill in any cracks they are trying to exploit. So any details I can glean on exactly what codes exist allows me to punch holes in any additional crap they spew. I believe I have a very strong case, just looking to add more.


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