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I have been evaluating the Coachmen Galleria Li3, which is made by Forest River. On paper its capabilities match well with my functional needs. The Galleria Li3 comes with a lithium battery and energy management system by Xantrex, 300w of solar and a generator run off the engine that can recharge the lithium battery within a fairly short time period. I am looking for comments relative the quality of build and on the design and performance of the energy system, especially based on real world experience. Internet searches result in mixed reviews of build quality. Any insights will be greatly appreciated.

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I will have to let you know as we slowly keep edging to the front of the line. We have ordered up our VS30 here is a Safety Test (VS30 means a 2019 MB Sprinter Van) with Li3. A few things have created roadblocks and hold times. First was finding a workable floorplan that would meet our needs. This alone took almost a year as there are many selections available. The first delay took place as AMAZON made an order for 20,000-VS30's and COVID-19. But looking back to a point where the idea of a Class B Motorhome came into view. The Coachmen RV Galleria
Having been a long time RV Camper with two-class A's now in our rearview. We started to see our limitations and needs. Don't get me wrong as the RV right for you may not be right for the other family. Now our Class A's were nice and 40'-long. Small town, Historical, National Parks, and even some RV Parks turned us away. With parking spaces and restrictions of less than 36'-Motorhomes became problems. During a college game visit at one of our many tailgates was a Class B all set up in one parking lot space. We had to look closer, and after a long search we found our 24.3'-foot Coachmen Galleria VS30 with Li3. As Coachmen makes four Galleria floorplan models, and two other none sprinter models a NOVA, and Beyond.
Now each Galleria comes with options and, I'm not going into all. Tour and understanding Li3 and Understanding Lithium in the Li3
But why a Galleria I truly believe that you get so much more than in others I have seen. My dis-likes may be more helpful. I don't like a closet in a bathroom space. I don't like large tables to be moved about the living space. A TV location where I can view and see the pictures. I like order and a place for needed equipment and extra stuff. During my time of selection you could get a standard generator or one under the hood. You do get a 12V 20,000k A/C, sleep, and setup reading area. Here is a helpful video overview by FitRV Enjoy and check them out for yourself.

Coachmen Galleria tour by FitRV

Bottom line do you like sleeping with a generator even if it is 40' foot away or 10-hours of quiet sleep, and anywhere you park your Sprinter?. Excluding them outside noises, like wind and rainstorms or even deer running in the woods, if you could hear that sweet sound with all the walls packed in with special "ENRG Blanket packed in"
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Based on all the stories I've seen, I would not buy a Forest River product even if I got to use your money.
NOT that what you are saying is right or wrong. But it would have been a bit more interesting to know why you think the RV Build is not up to your liking. As you are in this forum of fellow Sprinter owners. We're getting ready to buy our first Coachmen and Motorhome and we like what we have seen even if it's taken us two years to get to this point. The craftsmanship of the cabinets, they are by far steps above many others I've seen. Having taken the time to stand inside and think over each area worked for us. But if you could share your reasons may be beneficial in us knowing? I hope you change your mind and share it with all of us.


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Hearsay about manufacturers quality, is just that! Real owner feedback and experiences are most valuable. I have been studying the Coachman Beyond Li3 and really think it has a well designed completely integrated electric system. I really have been looking for an all electric motorhome and this is it. I understand that the Beyond has all the features the Coachman Galleria Li3 has had for several years now. You might consider joining a Facebook page specific to the Galleria. I joined the Beyond page and see it has over 2000 members and growing, One big thing I noticed on the Beyond Facebook page (as compared to the Facebook page for my model) is that the posts are predominately about how people are enjoying their Beyonds and a few about minor modifications people have made for their usability. But very few posts on problems! Lots of posts praising Coachman for their great customer service and support. When I posted a question asking about need for a technical Forum I thought that they were going to lynch me. I think one person's response says it all, " We get to enjoy our Beyond vans for the purpose they were designed for." This statement really resonates with me. I have a Sprinter Class C motorhome and I have spent the last 6 years repairing and/or modifying it in an effort to make it as worry free and usable for our travel style as possible. I'm not a boondocker but I do have 3 small dogs that I always worry about keeping them cool during summer traveling. Everytime we stop I have to run the noisy propane generator so I can run the AC to keep them cool. Sometimes I comeback and find the AC never even kicked on, so I am running this noisy thing for nothing. With a 12v AC and large Li battery bank you just set the thermostat, if the AC is needed it just kicks on and no one outside hears anything. I'm always refilling the propane tank so I always have it to support running the AC in case something happens. Once we had to be towed and the truck driver would not allow our dogs in the cab. We ended up running the generator for 8 hours to keep the dogs cool as we dealt with our roadside emergency. I was so worried that the generator/propane would stop. I can honestly say that a huge factor in selecting my next motorhome is finding one with all the features I want, ready to use as soon as I drive off the dealers lot. No more spending lots of money and time remodeling and upgrading appliances and electrical system to get the motorhome I really want and need. After studying the Coachman Beyond I would not hesitate to buy the Galleria or Beyond Li3. After reading and watching lots of reviews it is fabulous that the 600ah Li batteries and ProAir 12v Ac cab run the AC for more than 8 hours, which is exactly what I am interested. Then the 2nd alternator can recharge the battery bank in like 2 hours. This is a great feature but in a Sprinter it's only effective when driving since Mercedes doesn't recommend idling a Sprinter for longer than 10 minutes. The Ford gas van can be idled indefinitely, which is a great option for recharging the batteries if you can't go for a long drive. I can go on and on extolling the positives, I'm a huge fan of the Beyond Li3! I don't know when you are interested in buying but with the challenges in Mercedes producing the Sprinters these days the availability maybe limited or you may have to wait months to get one. Ford has released a new gas chassis transit van that has impressive features and I understand the new 2021 Beyonds being delivered sometime this summer maybe worth looking at as part of your model comparison process. The Ford vans will probably be more readily available that the Sprinter Van's. There are lots of YouTube videos on the Beyond Li3. Sunshine State Rv has a great videos on both Beyond and Galleria Li3. I really like the review by Camping Coastie because he had 2 Sprinter Class Bs prior to selecting the Coachman Beyond Li3 and I think that says a lot! I don't plan on giving up my 2014 Sprinter motorhome anytime soon, I just have to much invested in it, but if I were, the Coachman Beyond would be my choice. Good luck with your decision making process.

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Join a specific FB group if interested in the Galleria. Its an amazing well thought out coach.
They are hard to find and look at but owners are ready and willing discuss and even show their coaches.
Will also answer any questions here.

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