Winter in Washinton State 1


'06 158 2500 Passenger
We try and go camping at least once a month regardless of the weather. Headed east over the Cascade mountains on I-90 to the dry side of the state. Washington is divided in two by the Cascades running north/south with only a handful of mountain passes connecting the two halves. Really different places, the western side is wet, urban and tech driven with Seattle, Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon etc as well as the 5th largest port in the USA. while the eastern side is dry, rural and based on farming. We grow 70% of America's apples, 80% of the hops and 90%of the raspberries. Second only to California in wine production. Very different politically as well...

Anyway we headed west on 90 the turned north on 97 to the Blewett Pass at 4,100 ft. Camped at Saulk Creek Sno-Park. Not much snow, about a foot and what there was had a nasty crust.

The navigator is going to be a co-pilot soon...

The road in was compacted ice and snow, no issues.

Basically camping in a parking lot but it was beautiful country and got us out of town.

A WPA era shelter with a fireplace.


'06 158 2500 Passenger
Yes we have an Espar D2. I am very impressed with it, even with windows all around and just thin fabric curtains the heater easily kept up with the mid 20F temps. Really a strong vote for adding one to your van, one of the biggest differences between the Sprinter and our past vans is the heater.

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