Hello from Edmonton,Alberta.


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Hello everyone! Excited to join !
What a great forum and pile of friendly advice

I picked up a 2004 extra long, high top, single rear wheel . With 220kms this summer to replace my old Astro camper van

Just a bare shell of a van really , so far I’ve just done all the insulation, a light welded bed frame that leaves room for my bikes and climbing stuff/ snowboards etc underneath , my homemade 4” flair to fit a full / double size mattress. And an airtop 2000 under the front seat.
And had a piece of flat ‘windshield’ glass cut for my diy side window.

Did a 1 week trip in early September around the mountains and on a 10 day snowboarding trip right now with some studded tires :)

This will be my urmm ... 7th ? Full conversation, but spending a bit more than any of my previous personal ones.

I mainly build race cars for a living. Lots of vintage rebuild stuff and quite often bike engined formula cars . Making/ designing chassis/ suspension/ aero and building and turbo charging engines etc ..

This van is/will be for rock climbing, biking, snowboarding trips.. and also towing my little 830lb formula 1000 car to some race weekends :)

Nice to meet you all :)

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Nice rig, with only 220,000 kms on the clock you should have many long trips ahead of you. If I ever need to replace mine the extra long single rear is super desirable.


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A warm welcome from a 10 years T1N owner who wore out three Asstros, including an 88 bought new.:thumbup:

There’s no comparison! :rad:


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Who are my fellow Albertan's using to insure converted sprinters? It seems like everywhere else people are getting them registered and insured as RVs but I'm really not having any luck. Tried a dozen places and nobody will help.

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