Thermostat reading high


Happy New Year,

My Siesta (24SA) has the Dometic Single Zone LCD Thermostat. After talking to Dometic, I found out that +/- 5 degrees are within the normal operating temperatures for the thermostat. Unfortunately, mine is reading about 10 to 15 degrees off. Sitting here right now, snow on the ground my handy dandy digital thermostat, handing BESIDE the thermostat shows 61 degrees, however, the Dometic reads 76. So to get the heat on I have to set it to 77.

Has anyone had similar issues? I can replace the thermostat with another Dometic for about $135. Has anyone replaced theirs with something different? I think the ideal would be to have the thermostat hanging in the bedroom but a remote sensor by the door or TV area.

Any thoughts?



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