Traffic Sign Assist always displays maximum 55 mph in CA

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Sorry, should have said, it was not working for several weeks, then started working. I have a 2020 sprinter.


So, we basically bought a 2020 Sprinter today (agreed to terms over phone/email and will fly to KY on Monday with a check to buy it) - being brand new (7 miles on it) will we need to replace the instrument cluster when we pick it up? Assuming this will be covered by warranty? A little disappointed if we'll pick it up, drive it home to Colorado only to have to put it right in for service to fix something that should work on a brand-new unit?
Not sure if you have picked this up or not but you can and should ask them to be sure sure that all recalls have been done and apply any updates available to the MBUX before you take retail delivery. You can run your VIN here to see what should be done Recall Information | Mercedes-Benz USA ( . (oops missed the "will fly to KY on Monday" part. :/
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A special thanks for posting the link to the recall information. From there I found so much more. Being a noob, it was very helpful to me.
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