Snow Shoe Mountain West Virginia


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Heading Skiing in a few weeks and wanted to know if anyone has experienced stealth camping on the mountain? I have researched and all campgrounds within an hour are closed for the season. Thanks for your help in advance.


you might inquire with the office about spending a night or 2 in their parking lot?
but my experience has been that very few ski areas will allow it. (squaw valley, taos, crystal mtn are 3)

the best tactic is to ascertain the jurisdictions of the surrounding area, as in: fed vs state vs county vs municipal.
out here in the wild wild west, we have BLM (fed'l bureau of land mgmt), where the rules are basic:
14day max in one place, must be more than 30feet off the center line of any county roads
a 'recreation permit' (i have the nat'l park annual pass) might be req'd but thats usually all there is to it.
but things are waaaay different back east...


No Camping on Resort property (on-mountain and in parking lots) without express permission granted by Resort Management.
( winter terrain access policy)

A comment from July in another forum said RV parking and camping is allowed at the top of the world parking lot - but it's owned by the community association not the resort?


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What's the worst thing they can do? Run you off? I mean I probably wouldn't be out there setting up outdoor grills running my generator or holding an open bar to entice the snow bunnies, lol and I'd only probably stay one night two at the most. I've never done it but I've heard top of the world they won't mess with you there. If you do go let me know I would like to know as I have been thinking about doing it myself. It's about the best place on the east coast to snow ski and that would be a bonus and definitely enable me to go on the cheap lodging is one of the biggest expenses up there

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