Just got a 04 Pleasure-way!

Hi all I have been on the forum a while and looking for my camper for some years waiting for the price to come down to my range. Well I really scored got this camper from a dealer who sold only cargo vans and had it listed as such in the title. They could not operate anything and had it listed for 19,995 with 105k solid engine and tranny. I can find the same one listed for 29,950 with 111k right now same year and model. I will be picking it up thursday and cannot find any videos or info on how to operate the appliances. I checked ebay no manual. Does anybody know if there is a download available?

I am going to take out the carpet and install a hardwood floor, likely change the table to a live edge wood and would like to make some covers for the cushions if anyone has any experience with taking the tile up.

I actually got it for 19,500 and they are putting a new coach batt in as well I am wondering if anyone knows if the AMG will fit or needs some mod?

Thanks for any feedback!


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Get a pre purchase inspection. Surprises can be expensive. There are more experienced hands than me on the forum, but you might find that hardwood, while it looks nice, isn't a good choice for an RV because of issues around dimensional stability in wide ranges of humidity. On the appliances, if you post manufacturer and model numbers I'm sure someone can help.

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You could also contact Phil or Grant at the Pleasureway factory in Saskatchewan. They’re quite helpful, and might be able to direct you to an owners manual.

However, motorhomes overall are basically differentiated by floorplans and cabinetry. The appliances are only offered by a couple of manufacturers for each type of appliance, and the operation of each of them is pretty darned similar, so instructions aren’t really almost the same regardless of manufacturer, and manuals are pretty available on-line. If you’re mechanically inclined, most of it is actually pretty straight forward.

Congratulations on the Pleasureway! They’re very well put together. Mine has 76,000 miles on it, and I have zero creaking cabinets or rattles as I drive down the road—quite a testament to the solid construction!

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2014 Pleasureway Plateau TS in 2013 Sprinter 3500

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