Modular DIY kitchenette and Sinks

Looking for every for a compact kitchenette or sink option that anyone can install and use...I eventually found these and now brought them into USA. I had been wanting this type of a solution for ever and just could not find it here in the USA or at least find an example of how to build one. There is nothing this compact that is truly plug and play with zero assembly.

Super compact sink and kitchenettes. Requires no assembly for the DIY person who doesn't have the skills to build own cabinet or looking for an ultra compact solution to fit under bed or behind/beside seats. Designed to be bolted to floor, can use even your cargo D ring mount with a backing plate. Plugs into any 12v outlet. Has grey and clean water jugs. All inclusive. Stove powered by 1lb propane bottle. No door to swing out and get into the way of open space. This is not a substitute for a full size cabinet, plenty provide this, its an ultra compact solution fully assembled for a true plug and play and modular as it can be removed easily, under 30 lbs.

Dimensions and Pricing: (as likely that would be asked)

Kitchenette dimensions ~27" high X 16" deep x 29" wide $1650
Sink dimensions ~27" high X 12" deep x 24" wide $1400







Do you have a link to a website for more info? Those appear tiny, but maybe still functional. I hadn't considered a design so compact, but seeing it has me considering smaller options. Also, I like the portable nature of these. Instead of permanently built in place these seem to be able to be adjusted, rearranged, or removed quickly.

Thank you for posting.

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I vouch for slamit. He and his products are top quality. I am considering the sink. No way could I match that build on my own. The compact size is fantastic for my needs. Brush teeth, fill a kettle, etc.


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I also vouch for slamit! He produced and sells great products, excellent craftsmanship across the board. Solid shop

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