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I'm considering a Togo roadlink C2 package for connectivity. Looks like the best place available for the 16" diameter/8" tall unit is to secure it to the top of my coleman ac's shroud. It won't impede airflow from the a/c. I don't relish the thought of a low lying branch trying to play t-ball with it but want to reserve the front ceiling for flexible solar panels down the road.

I'd like to add a small auxiliary fuse box up in the wardrobe closet for adding power for the togo, bath fan, and an extra 12v outlet. Any recommendations as to where to bring the power and ground from?


'05 Westy
Just my .02 from someone who has had both fixed mount and portable suitcase style solar panels in various applications.

For the Westy, we went with 2 70W fabric style portable fold out panels from Acopower (they store in the back on the rear bathroom wall). We have a 25' cable so we are able to position the panels in the sun (when we are in the shade) and at the correct angle for the sun all day long (we re-position 2-3x a day depending on if we are around, or out). We get substantially more input from this then fixed mount on the roof. Obviously there is a set-up "cost" (of time) when you camp, but we find when we are going to sit still for 2+ days (for less, who cares, the engine will be running anyway), the 5 minutes of effort to put them out is not a big deal.

Certainly there will be other opinions, but this has worked well for us for 1.5 years so far. And we spend 95% of the time disconnected from services. For the Westy, and how we use it (live in full time), we would do the same again.

As for where to bring power from from your added fuse box, technically it should come direct from the battery. If you tap into another circuit somewhere, you may be overloading that particular circuit (or you need to do the math and figure out if your added load is OK or not for the existing circuit). So ideally, new wires should be run to handle the fuse box capacity you are planning to install, direct from the battery.


I returned my Winegard Togo and apparently just in time. ATT is withdrawing the 30 dollar/month unlimited data plan after this year.

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