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Here is the rig I would buy.
Tesla CyberVan.


2013 144" low top Passgr
Here is an idea.
Yes, that is an idea. I'm not sure I would call it a GOOD idea, but it is technically an idea.


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The truck shape is sort of slowly growing on me.

Things that I like:
- Ground clearance
- Variable suspension height
- Loading might be easier for some applications

- Appears to be 4 wheel independent suspension, which is a really nice feature when you have kids that get motion sickness in the back seat.

- Potentially harder to break in to (theft wise)
(we have a lot of smash and grab theft problems in this general area)

- Items in the "bed" appear to be less at risk for theft than most pick up trucks
- Paint free finish concept is interesting
- 3mm thick SS walls might be good for sound attenuation

- Wish the cab was taller and longer
( I have the same opinion about the chevy trucks)

- Rear seat might be a bit cramped

I am not sure if it is really any uglier than what the van and pick up truck companies are offering these days.

The mouth shaped front ends of most pick ups look ridiculous to me.

I like vans - a lot. But can you honestly look at a nissan dolphin nose van or Transit high roof extended and call them aesthetically pleasing?

Buying all of these vans is an exercise in holding your nose on aesthetics and going for it.

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