REAR axle alignment on 4x4

Hello All,

Late summer I installed the Van Compass stage 4 suspension kit. Recently we finally went on an extended trip.

I'm not sure if I'm imagining it or if possibly the rear axle is slightly out of alignment (out of square?). Seems to pull slightly to the right. My poor memory or has it always done this, I do not know.

When I installed the rear leaf spring pack I remember there being an ever so slight play in the alignment peg. Could a slight amount of this play translate into a slight out of square/alignment?

My idea was to loosen the U-bolts and use a ratchet strap to pull forward on the left side and back on the right side and re-tighten the U-bolts. (theoretically making it turn more to the left).

Does this seem reasonable to try before taking into the shop for alignment?



It seems like you need a measurement tool to guide this Alignment

I’m positive on Les Scwab for those at the moment...


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You are correct!
We use a Pro-Trak big truck laser aligner for that task of squaring up the rear axle to the frame on a Sprinter , just as you would with a tandem truck rear axle.

I have even use one of the side tools to align the side car to a Ural motorcycle.
Again note "as drive method" in the narrative from my old mate, Iowa farm boy Mike!:thumbup:


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The axle is not super sensitive, plus minus 1/8" wont cause driveability issues. Take a tape measure and compare side to side from the front spring perch. If its substantially different you need to address the cause.

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