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bought a 05 ltv free spirit with 135k onit and having issues with battery drain on my engine and camper battery. I believe it is the camper draining both batterys. Im looking for a schematic that shows the disconnect between the 2 systems (camper and engine) its my understanding that the engine alt can charge the camper battery but shouldn't drain off the engine battery.
what rocket scientist put the camper battery under the seat. anybody ever relocate this battery someplace else?
having issues with backup camera not working but haven't messed with that yet


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Only MB puts the battery under the seat ... (if you mean the front passenger seat). Any RV with adequate battery power puts them elsewhere.

Here's the 2006 service manual: http://diysprinter.co.uk/reference/2006-VA-SM.pdf

Wiring diagrams are section 8W .... you will (probably) have an "EK1" terminal strip mounted under the driver's seat on the wall that's near the parking brake. Find that, and the isolation relay will be close by with big red wires attached. Most likely the relay's coil will be driven from the EK1's "D+" signal (although some RV companies used the "ignition on" signal, and put a time-delay relay between it and the actual isolator)..



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Mine is a 2006 LTV, this is the relay under the driver's seat that connects the coach and engine battery while the engine is running (charging). It's location is to the rear of the seat pedestal.

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ended up finding out I wasn't shutting the dc switch off for the camper when not using the camper and this is why my camper battery was going dead so my relay was ok,
The engine battery has .5 amp draw not sure if this is normal or not. cant seem to find the .5 amp draw anywhere.

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