check engine light no codes


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2012 2500 sprinter 104500 miles Got a bad glo plug light changed all 6 cleared dtc, then forgot to do fuel line connection correctly so had a leak fixed that then drove 40 miles got check engine light...tried to read any codes. No codes found on reader so reset light. 40 more miles light back on. Checked fuel cap and looked for leaks none found any ideas????


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Likely your scan tool is not able to see all Mercedes codes. Solution if that’s the case is a more “friendly” Mercedes scan tool.

One DIY check........Make sure there are no electrical connections loose or unplugged especially on the air intake system. Second check air leaks on the air intake system on the hoses and fittings. Especially the orange or black gasket on the front of the turbo intake.

Sticky on scan tools ...........several AUTEL models available at DIY pricing.
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ordered the MB manual on a stick storage and my computer wont work with software something in the BOIS is marked wrong (intel-vt-x)and dont know the password to be the admin and change it CRAP....will go back look agin for any loose wires etc thanks. Maybe just get a newer sprinter....

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A long shot, but not hard to do. Check each and every fuse carefully. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes a blown fuse will produce odd symptoms.

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Looks like I found my problem. When changing glow plugs took intake to blower off when reasembling it pinch green o ring cutting in two. so off to the dealer for a new one.

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