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HELP. New to sprinters. 2013 3.0 DEF fluid got low. I read it requires min of 2.0 quarts, i put in 2.5 light still on and the start count is still going down. ive cycled it 3 or times and driven it to no avail. im down to 2 or 3 starts.

ps i also read it will allow up tp 1000 mi?? that counter started at "500mi" it has now been at 900 for a minute




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The Sprinter DEF fluid tank capacity is measured in gallons, not quarts. Data generated from this forum suggests that waiting until the "fluid low" warning is risky, as your experience confirms. The low warning doesn't go off until the reservoir is significantly depleted, and exposing sensors in the reservoir may allow urea crystallization and affect subsequent sensor operation.

If you have only added 2 1/2 quarts (about 1/2 gallon) then as a first/easy action to fix your problem you should FILL the DEF reservoir. This will probably take a number of gallons (the DEF tank on my 2017 is just over 5 gallons in capacity - I don't know what yours is).

Hopefully others will chime in with ideas about how to deal with "low starts" assuming that simply filling the DEF tank doesn't work.
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my error. I DID put 2.5 gallons in the def. Ive since topped it off, disconnected the interior power cable, disconnected the under hood computer to no avail. only did key forward did not start it tho. same codes. def sign and says 900mi

Preeetty sure im gonna ship the computer out. My buddy did. works great


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Is your check engine light on as well? If so, I hate to tell you it is most likely a trip to the dealer. Does "ship the computer out" mean you are getting it tuned? What company? I didn't know there was a reliable one for a 2013.

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