NCV3: 2006-2018 [SOLD] For Sale or Trade: Silver 2007 Sprinter 170 conversion with THE WORKS [SOLD]

For Sale or Trade: 2007 Sprinter 170 conversion with THE WORKS

This van hits all the marks: 2007 gets you the NC3 styling and interior height, without the DEF and sensor complexities of the later models.

The professional conversion marks *all* the checkboxes:

- Huge galley
- Huge Dometic 3-way fridge+freezer - Runs off propane, 12V or 120V.
- Built-in propane cooktop
- 2 KW Espar diesel cabin heater
- Convection Oven + Microwave
- Electric or engine-heated water heater
- 45 gallon (not a typo!) fresh water, 16 gal grey, 8 gal black.
- Enclosed shower
- Marine toilet, with a macerator pump.
- Rooftop Dometic air conditioning and heat
- Privacy glass in the rear
- Dual house batteries plus engine battery
- 2,000/4,000 watt inverter
- 2,200 watt generator (inverter style)
- Fully insulated
- Screened rear window
- Self-supporting awning
- Five seat belts
- Couch converts to double bed
- Upper bunk sleeps a third person
- Tall closet, ten cabinets and several drawers
- Rear view Camera
- New Pioneer Stereo with Car Play, Android Auto, GPS navigation, and screen mirroring.
- 800W Pioneer amplifier
- TV with BlueRay and steerable over-the-air antenna
- Trailer hitch and rear step
- Rear ladder
- Pre-emissions - no DEF!
- Sliding door bug screen and privacy curtain behind the cab
- All that...and the kitchen sink. (literally!)

This conversion was professionally completed in 2018 with top-line, RV-grade components. All are still in like-new condition.

The van itself is in fantastic shape. I would not hesitate drive this van to California tomorrow.

All systems work and it is a joy to drive. The van currently has 227K miles and growing. The inspection I had done before buying the van found no issues requiring attention. No codes were found, and the condition of all systems were consistent with the year and mileage of the van. Recent work includes a new heater core and coolant hoses under the hood. The next oil change is due in 9,500 miles.

Exterior and interior condition are better than average for a 2007. A rough spot here or there, but nothing you'd notice from ten feet away. No rust problems on the body or undercarriage. The silver paint seems to hold up a little better than white, IMO.

2007 is pre-emissions, so there is no DEF (Desiel Exhaust Fluid) system to worry about, and none of the myriad sensors and fault codes that come with it. This legally avoids so many limp-home and limited start issues of newer models, with no need for a delete kit that will fail many emissions inspection tests.

The fresh water tank and supply plumbing are all inside the van's interior, to protect from freezing. Only the gray water tank is under the van. With a little attention, you can use your plumbing year-round in many climates. An air line hookup and drain valves allow super-easy winterization if you prefer.

The macerator pump on the tank drain system allows dumping the tanks at home, directly into a sewer cleanout or even a toilet. This avoids having to use a nasty RV poop tube as well as extra trips to an RV dump station and their dump fees.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So...why am I selling it? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I bought it this fall, based mostly on the rich features installed, along with the excellent mechanical condition of the van. I thought my family of four would fit fine in the van, with one child sleeping on the floor or on a cot across the front seats.

As it turns out, my wife and I are not comfortable with them sitting sideways on the sofa with only a lapbelt on the highway. My Plan B from pre-purchase was to replace the sofa with a two-seat dinette with three-point harnesses. As I put pencil to paper to map that out, I could not find a good way to pull that off, while still having adequate sleeping quarters and keeping all the appliances in place. Not without *completely* stripping the van and starting from scratch...which I haven't ruled out yet.

As I've come to grips with that scenario, I realized that would be removing a lot of value from a camper that is PERFECTLY equipped for one or two people (plus up to three occasional passengers). I've decided to sell this van to someone that can use it as-is, and start from scratch with a an empty van to build out specifically to my family's needs.

We'll continue to use and camp in it until it sells, so mileage will increase. I'll be dropping the price every week until it sells. Non-lowball offers are always welcome.

Price: $31,000. [UPDATE: Price dropped...see the last post in this thread for current price.]

Feel free to come check it out, even if the price isn't low enough for you yet. It will sell, sooner or later. I'd also consider trading for an empty Sprinter or Transit. If you've got a stalled conversion project and want to stop building and start camping -- tonight -- let's help each other out.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to improve it. I intend to add solar panels, LED upgrades, green engine tune, new stereo, some other convenience items, and cosmetic updates. The price will go up as these projects are completed.

We live in Lexington, KY. Come drive it here, or meet me at a state park and check it out on the road!
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New this week: Carbon Monoxide alarm, propane alarm, smoke alarm! Safety, safety, safety!

New USB power ports and 12V cigarette lighter port in the rear, within easy reach of the bed and the potty!

Price drop: $25,500. Mileage: 228,996

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Just added: 2KW diesel cabin heater. Roasty Toasty! This thing pumps out some serious heat, and is seriously easy on the diesel.

I've got an Afterburner controller for it en route from Australia as we speak. This will allow remote control and monitoring from your cell phone. It can't get here soon enough, as the factory controller is cryptic.

Price drop: $26,499.

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This week: new Pioneer NEX stereo with Bluetooth, navigation, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, and rear view camera. Installed by a professional web developer. (Me)

Loving the heat from the diesel heater. It runs all night, and I can't see any difference on the fuel gauge. I'd guess it burns about a gallon a night.

Price drop: $24,000. I do believe we're just about at the True Price, folks.

Next project: I think I'm going to deconstruct the rear interior wall, to vastly improve cargo area, bike capacity, and convenience.
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Nice video. Where is there storage for bikes? From the video there doesn't appear to be much unused storage space. Are the back doors intended to stay closed?
Still for sale. I've gotten a few calls in the last few weeks, but I'm not interested in selling out-of-state during the COVID crisis.

There is rear storage, but not much. Too shallow for a bike, but great for tall, skinny things like skis, tents, folding chairs and such. Or about 20 pieces of luggage. It's about 10" deep.

As it is, you could easily put 2-3 bikes inside, but you wouldn't be able to get to anything while they're in there. I've carried 10' lumber and small bookshelves inside. It's no problem, other than the contractors at Home Depot thinking you're a moron for loading lumber in the side door!

If it doesn't sell before I get bored, my next project is probably going to be removing the rear wall to increase cargo area (e.g. bikes). Either that or solar panels. Price will go up if I do that.

Is it Thursday? Could be...hard to tell when sheltering safe at home.

Price drop: $22,000 for Kentuckians. $32,000 across state lines. Stay safe, stay home, folks.

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