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Hi all

Wanted to share my experience with MB of Thousand Oaks (CA)
The short version is STAY AWAY

The long version is as follows:

Originally called over there three months ago in August 2019, was transferred to their Sprinter Sales guy, told him I wanted to place an order for a new VS30 4x4 - his immediate reply was "that's impossible, MB doesn't do custom orders" ... :crazy: ... That was followed up with IF I did place a custom order I wouldn't get it for at least 8-12 months from now.
Conversation ended right there.

The very next day he emails with 4 separate build sheets that are in the queue for late November 2019 production in Germany and are currently available.

I'm confused since less than 24hours ago he said a custom order was impossible.
I go through the build sheets and find one that is very close to dream truck.
I email him and tell him I want that one.
He replies almost immediately and writes "Great! you got it, it's yours"

I call him and ask to schedule a meeting to come in to the dealership and do some minor nip/tuck to build to make it perfect.
_ Add ZH4
_ Add rear defroster
_ Add tow hitch
_ Delete electric sliding door.

We make an appt for the next day.

I show up, on time, introduce myself, remind him I'm here to make the minor changes to the van he said "is mine" - I brought a print out of the build sheet for the van I selected. He types on his computer and tells me that van is no longer available... Again, I'm confused and am like WTF

No explanation / reasoning is given as to why the van that "was mine" yesterday suddenly isn't
Instead he suggests another available build

We make the changes I want then and there - takes an hour because he's trying to upsell some options I don't want. We finish up, I'm satisfied.
He says "you got it, it's yours"
Tells me he's going to input it into the system and confirm in a day or two.

I call him a day later and leave a message - no call back
I call him two days later - he picks up, "who is this?", "which van?"

I remind him, give him the VIN, tell him we spec'ed it together, he was going to input it, I want confirmation in writing the order is in, please send me final build

"Yeah, sure sure, here check your email I just sent it..."
I check with him still on the phone...

He's sent me the original build sheet of the second van w/o any of the changes we spent an hour doing together...

I point this out to him, he sounds flustered, tells me he sent me the wrong build sheet (not true, since it shows VIN #), tells me he will send the right build sheet

I check my email again with him still on the phone
This time most options are correct, but the color is wrong now

I point this out to him
He tells me he will try to call factory and see if he can change color
No comments, no apologies about why I'm getting jerked around like this

Couple days go by
I call back again
Same thing: "who is this?" "which van was this for?"
I remind him, and he tells me yeah there's no way we can change the color

At that point I'd had enough
Told him I was taking my business elsewhere

Total waste of time - don't go there

I've since found & purchased a VS30 4x4 at another dealer that is close to what I originally wanted
Just need to track down some of the extra options not included in this one and make it perfect

Hope this helps others save some grief / frustration


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Hi all

Wanted to share my experience with MB of Thousand Oaks (CA)
The short version is STAY AWAY

Hope this helps others save some grief / frustration
Yep the Sales Manager there tried to to convince me to by a van with $3500 worth options I did not want and sent build sheets of 6 vans that did not even remotely come close to what i told him I wanted. He had no interest in what I wanted in a van. All he was concerned with was making a sale.


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Amazing how a high-end auto dealership in a relatively high end location can afford such performance from their sales staff. :idunno:


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Thousand Oaks had a restructuring in their "van" department. They demoted the main Sprinter guy (absolutely terrible) and hired Youriy, who is the best in the business. If you say you had issues with Youriy then either one or both of you were just having a bad day.

One thing to understand is that MB vans are commercial vehicles. This department deals primarily with business customers. If you walk in expecting S-class treatment then you may be disappointed.
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