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I have a 05 3500 Sprinter & I park it outside in the Chicago area. I'm looking to see if anyone has a recomendation for a engine block heater or should I use a oil dipstick heater? Also sould I use a diesel fuel conditioner this winter? I have had the van for 4 years & I only had a problem w/ the cold weather twice (temp was below 0 F).

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It's for both, engine and interior.

When it's running the coolant is circulated and heated.


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I presume you are talking about a electric block heater for cold starts in the morning. I bought mine from my FYDA Freightliner in Ohio about 3 years ago. It wasn't very expensive $60 I think. In 2004 when I bought my Sprinter a block heater wasn't an option, but the good thing there is a threaded metal plug in the block. Once I got that plug out(didn't realize it was threaded) it wasn't too bad to install. It is great I can start it when it is 0, like it is the middle of summer. I think it is 1000 watts. I have it plugged in to a timer to turn on 2 hours before I want to start which has been plenty of time

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